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Tifany Brown, NP

Founder, Versatile Therapeutics

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Tifany is a native Texan who pursued a career in nursing to play a part in improving the care of others. After a few years of bedside care in the hospital, it became very evident that most people lack good outpatient care.  She then decided to go back to school to obtain her Master of Science in Nursing and is now a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner. 


Tifany and Versatile Therapeutics uphold some of the same important principles, such as: 

  • Everyone should have access to affordable healthcare regardless of their employment status. 

  • Patients deserve to be heard. They deserve a one-on-one visit with their provider where they feel comfortable enough to ask questions and play an active role in their plan of care.

  • Prevention is the key to a healthier lifestyle. With a good foundation of routine checkups and screens, many chronic diseases can be easily managed in the early stages of progression. 

  • Quality over Quantity. It is better to live 70 years of bountiful days than to have a poor quality of life for 90 years. On the same note, as a provider, she would prefer to have 100 good quality relationships with her clients as opposed to 1,000 ineffective relationships.

  • There is not a one-size-fits-all in healthcare. She believes in incorporating versatile therapies such as conventional, alternative, and functional practices in the care of her patients to obtain the most effective plan specifically for you. 


She is ready to help you take the steps to become the healthier version of yourself. Schedule your consultation today