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Tausha Sanders


​After graduating from Art School in 2013 with a BA in Fashion Marketing, Tausha interned at Fashion Group International before taking a position as Social Media Manager at Karmaloop. In 2015 Tausha joined the Sneaker Summit team as Media Manager and evolved her role into Event Coordinator and Manager at the Storefront. In 2018, alongside Wendy, they decided to launch the female division of Sneaker Summit, SneakHer Summit. In 2020 they relaunched under the new brand Her Grails.

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Inspired by a series of post-work happy hours with her friends and mentor, Christa Clarke launched Cubicles to Cocktails in 2018. Happy hour was the space for her to share and gain advice on navigating corporate life as a Black woman. Conducting her research and speaking to the women of color in her network, she discovered that many women of color faced the same issues that she had previously commiserated over happy hours with friends — feelings of isolation from being the “Only" at work compounded by a lack of development opportunities addressing their unique work needs. Christa believes that every woman deserves the network and resources to enable her to excel in her career while flourishing in her life! She has made it her mission to help make this her reality starting with Cubicles to Cocktails. 


Christa Clark

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Camille Percy

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Camille is the Brand Photographer for women business owners who are ready to market their products and services and increase their online sales through images designed to attract their ideal clients. She specializes in brand photography that is Authentic, Beautiful, and Professional where every detail is customized and each session is planned with care and consideration.

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Andrea Mosley

Andrea M. Mosley is a licensed professional counselor with a specialty in marriage and family therapy. She enjoys helping clients remember their true essence through manifesting their hearts desires, She specializes in developing journeys for a person who feels stuck and know they need a change. Her belief is that "Life is good and wants to treat you well." Andrea can listen and discern what should happen for your next steps. Her gift for getting "to it" has helped many create the desired life on their own terms.

Andrea Mosley

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Markesha Thomas

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Pilates + Yoga + Keesh. When many hear the names Markesha or PiYoKeesh, the mind creates a
picture of an open-minded (flexible), determined (strong), and passionate (caring) individual. Pilates and Yoga are important, and the principles of MOVEMENT and CARE have been with Markesha most of her life. Connecting people with unique lifestyles and being an inspiration for others are just a few of the things that make her proud. After working at Green Seed Vegan for one year, she was able to push through the 2020 pandemic and she safely brought participants PiYo with her online #2020Teaze Zoom sessions and “PiYo with Keesh” to the good vibes scene at State of Mind in The Heights Houston this past October. Since 2016 she has organically increased her Instagram followers to almost 2,000, continues to encourage others to begin or revamp their health and fitness journey, and has partnered with companies like Glazed Nutrition and continues to bring us various forms of health and wellness throughart, food, and fitness.