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Bri'Ann Stephens 

Klarke Foreman

Co-Owners, Foundation First


Bri’Ann Stephens and Klarke Foreman are two energetic, non-stop-working, fast-speaking, God-fearing, creative women and the owners of Foundation First! Foundation First is a platform that provides opportunities for people to set a solid foundation in life and in business.


Since 2014 they have hosted events, conferences, and concerts centered around providing opportunities for women and teen girls. In 2018 Bri'Ann was featured in Forbes for her women’s activism in Houston, Texas— sharing how she used her lowest moment as fuel. In 2019 Klarke Foreman was featured in Teen Vogue for her body positivity campaigns-- sharing how she changed the narrative behind what it means to be a "queen." Using their platform, they have been able to reach hundreds of women, which led them to being recognized and honored by the city of Houston, interviewed on Fox 26 News and more. 

Setting a solid foundation in life and in business is not an easy journey. Most people give up because they don’t have access to the necessary tools and resources. 



Bri and Klarke are passionate about seeing their community succeed and that is why they created Foundation First. It is a company where people are able to improve their business’ digital branding-- through websites, logos, and other branding materials, and also gain mentors, tips, tools, and resources.